My eyes are blind, and I think yours are too

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Do you see this precious child? She is a little innocent daughter or sister to someone. Tomorrow, she will be a mother and  a wife to someone else if survives. What is the community doing to help her as she is obviously in need? What does the politicians do for her? How about her education, health, future, hopes, dreams?! 

She is one of the millions children in Afghanistan, and if they are living like this, how can you expect them to be educated, well, kind to others, open minded, and on and on. How can the world look for a better future for Afghanistan if the children are grown around trash, diseases, poverty, hopelessness, atrocity....?

Look at the building behind the little child. Do you think that the owner of this building can afford to buy this little child a clean dress? Shoes maybe? Well, of course yes. Of course he can many children, but he doesn't. I am not trying to attach the owner of the building, but I am saying the world needs to wake up. Everybody needs to do something, everyone needs to contribute. After all, everyone needs love and need to give love. At the end of they day we are all humans, and we need each other. 

I hear so many times that we cannot help everyone, and we cannot keep everyone happy. We might not be able to keep everybody happy, but we can certainly help everyone because we are everyone. Helping others is helping ourselves. 

You can read or skim what I have written about this issue and maybe you will read more of these in the future. You just read it and forget about it, or start taking actions. You could join me and people with warm hearts to help these innocent children of our world. 




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