My Right

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Pakistan is an independence country. We are citizen of an independence country Pakistan. Because, of it we have many rights. Our first right is to live freely. Everyone should have right to live according to their own choice. Our second right is to protect our lives. It is the main right of everyone our lives should be protect from every type of danger. Protection of wealth and goods is also a right of independ citizen. After this basic things, education is also our right. 


It should provide us schools, colleges and universties. Everyone should be free to get education according to get education according to their interest. Health is also a main right of us. There must be hospitals and medical stores in every place. All facilities of our life should be provided us. 

Other important thing is that everyone should have job according to their ability. To control the un-employment in Pakistan we should make factories and mills and hires labours. In this way un-employment can be reduce. 

Where we have rights, certain laws is also imposed on us, like we should follow the rules of law and we should pay tax on time. We should respect the right of others. If we follow the all rules imposed by ciovt  then will give us our rights.

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