Operation Exceptional Child-Afghanistan: The Documentary

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I am producing a documentary to raise awareness about children with special needs in Afghanistan.  And to fund the documentary, I am launching an online fundraising campaign on Indiegogo and I need YOUR help to make it a BIG success: http://igg.me/p/operation-exceptional-child-the-documentary/x/2782967

This is a grassroots fundraising campaign (my son helped me make my campaign video even, though we’ll hire a pro for the doc), and much like my grassroots effort to date to help disabled children in Afghanistan, it is a serious one.  I’m just a mom – but a mom on a mission.

I established my nonprofit organization, PATHS, in 2004 with a clear mission - to expand educational opportunities to all children regardless of ability, or disability. I hold a Masters degree in Diplomacy and International Conflict Management so I understand that a bottom-up approach, as I’m proposing, is the kind of effort that can help transform societies in conflict.  And with the life experiences I've gained through raising my disabled daughter I am more than ready to take my effort global to help children in need.

And I can't imagine a more dire need faced by children with special needs than in the country of Afghanistan.  

I believe we have a responsibility, after a decade of heavy military operations, to address the “health, education, and welfare” needs of children with disabilities in Afghanistan as outlined in the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (Section 241, Assistance to Certain Disadvantaged Children in Asia).

So please help me help these special kids…give whatever you can – even $5 will help us reach our goal.  And because we are a verified non-profit organization any donation you give is tax-deductible:  http://igg.me/p/operation-exceptional-child-the-documentary/x/2782967

If you could also send the link to your contacts and ask them for their support that will go a long way in getting something truly GREAT accomplished here.  My ultimate goal is to build a school for children with special needs in Afghanistan and I won’t quit until I get there, but I need YOU and appreciate any help you can lend to our effort.

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I have spent the past 25 years advocating on behalf of my disabled daughter to help her realize greater independence and a better quality of life; it has been a life-lesson for me and the most difficult thing I have ever done. Raising a child with disabilities is challenging enough…

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