Pakistani truck art in Australia

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Four days ago one of my uncle sent his pictures to us in which he was visiting an Australian museum. I was dumbfounded to see the Pakistani truck in that museum and was so shocked that how a simple truck which has no value in our eye travel so far and reach an Australian museum and everyone is clicking their pose with it. When I asked a question about why such a thing is in the museum? His answer took me deep into the sea of bewilderment. He tells me that how much truck art is appreciated in the first world, which we give no importance. He also posted me the picture of metro bus, which is painted in Pakistani truck style.

Truck art or vehicle painting started in the 1900 era when a company named as Kohistan Bus Company hired a painter named ustad ehlai baskh to paint their buses to attract more passengers. Later truck drivers who used it to paint their homeland so they can take their birthplace with them when they travel far adopted this art. Day by day this art took place in society and is welcomed by everyone.


Now Pakistani truck art has become the identity of Pakistan in every corner of world. This amazing and colorful art is now breaking every barrier and line of control and is reaching other countries. In last year Pakistani truck art was shown in durga festival, which held every year in Calcutta. After that many of painters came to Pakistan like Suresh Singh to seek the knowledge about this art.  Australian and Turks also welcomes Pakistani truck art and now you can see these colorful paintings roaming free on the roads of Australia and turkey




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