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I have recently hit the road and taken PATHS' mission abroad - I am currently networking in the UAE promoting The Exceptional Children's Laboratory School and OpEx Child that will be based in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Visiting the UAE affords me not only closer proximity to Kabul, but also provides PATHS greater exposure internationally.  I have visited this beautiful country previously in promoting PATHS' mission and found the UAE people to be very receptive in challenging the status quo in how a society addresses the needs and potential of disabled individuals.  So too, the UAE government supports meaningful solutions to the neediest among it's own population, and in fact is also involved in several philanthropic activities throughout Afghanistan.

During my time in the UAE I will continue to pursue ongoing prospects to develop The Exceptional Children's Laboratory School that will train special education teachers in Kabul, Afghanistan.  I also plan to continue to share PATHS' mission with like-minded individuals and with those who see the importance of helping disabled children in Afghanistan.  Providing children with disabilities in Afghanistan the hope of a brighter future through expanded educational opportunities and training special education teachers is an excellent way to help move the peace process along.  It is only through increased opportunities for ALL Afghan children that we can one day hope for peace in war-torn Afghanistan. 

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I have spent the past 25 years advocating on behalf of my disabled daughter to help her realize greater independence and a better quality of life; it has been a life-lesson for me and the most difficult thing I have ever done. Raising a child with disabilities is challenging enough…

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