Problems caused by Marches.

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Today i am going to talk about daily marches that occur every 2-3 month.Now-a-days another march known as Azadi march takes place in Pakistan under the control of Imran Khan chairman of PTI & Awami tahrek under control of Tahir-ul-qadri.


Following are some of the problems that people face during these march...

1-Closing of schools.

2-Pollution in march.

3-Loss in stock-exchange.

4-Problems in transport.

*)Closing of school: During these marches many childrens have lose of studies.The schools are remain closed for few weeks & students have a great lose of studies which effect their marks alot also.

*)Pollution in march: During these marches which mostly takes place in capital of Pakistan peoples throw rapers in streets & roads cause a large number of pollution & the organizations are also unable to clean it.

*)Loss in stock-exchange: During these marches the stock-exchange of country drop to a large scale & the currency of Pakistan also drop to a large scale.


*)Problems in transport: During these marches the peoples become unable to move in city & country because due to these marches & ralese the roads get blocked & there remains no space to move.In those marches the government also block roads by cotainers & vehicles become unable to move.


So government should talk to those protesters & should open roads, schools & colleges etc. & those parties should control their selves from doing marches after each month.Every body should play their role to make Pakistan a great country instaed of fighting.

Pakistan Zindabad.

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