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Capital: The capitals in less developed countries are low. That’s why, investment is also low and country remains in crises. Low Income: Investments are low that’s why income of people are also low. They live from hand to mouth and face problems in their expenditures. Shortage of power resources: There is also shortage of power resources like Gas, Electricity and Petroleum etc. The shortages of these resources are big hurdles in developments.


Lake of Capital markets and Money markets: These markets are also not well established in a country. Backwardness in agriculture sectors: Agriculture sectors are also backward because lack of capital and lack of machinery. The incomes of formers are also low and facilities are not provided to them.



Backward Industrial sectors: Industrial sector is also backward. There is not resources provided and there is also lack of modern technology in these sectors of less develop countries. Lack of human resources: The human resources of these countries are not well educated and their health conditions are also not good. Illiteracy: There is lack of education and people are not proper facilities of education.


Lack of educational situation: There is also lack of educational institution in a country. Unstable Government: The Governments of these countries are unstable. The change day to day, lack of natural resources. There is also lack of natural resources. Lack of modern technology: There is also lack of modern technology in these countries. The technology is mostly third world country.


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