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It is a method in which you can earn monthly by some clix means u see some advertisements and the company will pay you money in replacement.

The Question is What are the sites:

Here Below are the links of the sites who are most useables in these days.



The Above are some trusted sites by which you can earn money.


U simply signup one one PTC website they will send u a email for Comfirmation aftter that u will be able to

login Your Account.All typer of PTC sites have same method so you can easily sinup using followig instructions..

Payment Method:

You have to make account on

1.Perfect Money



Because u can get your money back in these account or widraw with the help of these accounts

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout is different for different website it depend upon sites..

The above vedio is comlete tutorial about clixsence similalry all ptc sites are like this u will simply signup first and then u will see add for which you will get paid.