Reveals the Personality of Coffee Drinker

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Reveals your Personality by Drinking Coffee

I think drinking coffee is part of my life. My day is not complete without a cup of coffee. I am sure that almost everybody likes coffee. I got up earlier to drink some coffee. Researchers found out the habits of coffee drinkers reveal their personality depending on type of coffee they are in love about. They stated that on how you liked your flavored coffee gives a hidden meaning out of it. A part is becoming addicted to it.

Here are different types of coffee and personality of a drinker:

• Black Coffee – a simple, regular, original and traditional way coffee flavor. A black coffee drinker tends to be moody and straightforward.

• White Latte – is like cappuccino with less froth. The drinkers of this kind are very helpful. They give a lot of their time to others and always don’t take care of themselves.

• Cappuccino – is a drink made with espresso and hot milk (less milk than latte) with foamed milk on the top. A drinker is creative, loving and caring because they extent a lot of effort in relationship.

• Latte – a flavor made with espresso combined with steamed milk. The drinkers of this flavor are easy going, relaxed and over extended in showing support in partner on other way they forgot to take care of themselves.

• Frozen Coffee or Frappuccino – a trademark of Starbucks includes all the line of frozen beverages they are serving. The drinkers of this kind are tends to discover new things, ambitious and energetic.

• Decaffeinated coffee – this is type of coffee done by reducing the caffeine content. However this not fully caffeine free. The drinkers of this kind are obsessive and perfectionist.

• Mocha – is a combination of coffee and chocolate. They are sweet, affectionate and seductive. The drinkers of this kind are willing to commit in long term relationship.

We say “Let’s grab some coffee”. And we realize what personality we have by drinking the type of coffee we really love. Coffee people are unusual for sure, because of caffeinated drink they take. We may be different but I am still a coffee lover. ;)


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