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The division of people in various opposite ideological school of thoughts and groups within the same religion is called sectarianism. Sectarianism is a big challenge for human peaceful existence on Earth. Unfortunately there are a large number of sectarian groups in Islam. Almost all these sects are face to face.

                Sectarianism is very disastrous impacts on a society. Sectarianism is very hazardous for stability. It even endangers the integrity and solidarity of a country. It destroys unity and discipline. People become enemies of alone another and their attention is diverted from creative activities. General massacre appears and properties are destroyed. Terrorism is the result of sectarianism. In a sectarian country, there is always political and economical instability, through sectarianism foreign conspirators are to destabilize the country. It ultimately leads to unemployment, poverty and low stands of life.


                There are many causes of sectarianism. Firstly, some of the people want to make them prominent and to identify themselves as leader in the society and they invent of follow a specific sect. Such people are to use the umbrella of religion. Secondly, Misinterpretation of the Quranic verses, hadiths and fiqa is another cause of anomic grouping. Thirdly, anti-Islamic global powers try their best to fuel creative differences among the sects and to stand them face-to-face. Fourthly, there are some political, economical and social causes of sectarianism.


Sectarianism may be controlled or reduced through effective role of the educational institutions and syllabuses. Media may be effectively utilized to control this problem. Ulema through their preaching and speeches can develop tolerance and may reduce this issue to a maximum. Print media is also very important in this connection. Unfortunately, our country is also a very great victim of sectarianism nowadays. If we want to earn a respectable name in the international community, we will have to come forward and defeat this monster. Only then we can prove ourselves the pure and ‘pak’ people of Pakistan _ the land of the pure.

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