Stress is kind of Emotions that most students feel it in Exams

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In general, I am full of stress when I have exams in school or college. My hearth beating become faster and can’t breathe very well. I started swearing and my face becoming red. I think that I have to pass mountains of problems. I scare from the test because I had many bad memories about it when I was child with punishment of tests or quizzes.

I remember a day when I had a test for the first time, I was full of stress. I had math exam about mutilation box. When I was third class, I had math exam every morning and I was weak in the math class. My teacher were strict and she punished the students who got the low score. I afraid her and I try everyday to memorize the multiplication of numbers to get good score. I studied and try hard but when I see the test paper I forgot all the things that I memorize.


Finally, I got the low score with punishments. They talked with my parents and they said that I am lazy. No body encouraged me or helped me to explain multiplication box and the teacher couldn’t explain very well for me. When I grow up, I understood that wasn’t my filed. Now, I memorized the multiplication box very well. In addition, it just took time to memorize it.


However, there are many points that make the test “good” and “bad”. First, you have to be comfortable and have facilities of education. For example: take a breath and be secure.  You have to feel secure and without pressure. Second, access to materials such as, internet, library, good teacher with great time table and methodizes. Third, the important point is how I prepare for test during the classes. For more information, I wasn’t absent but I was active person in study group, I do assignment on time and complete them and I study during semester, not study a day before exam. This point helps or effect that makes a test” good” and “bad”.



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Mona Haidari studies Business Adminstration at American University of Afghanistan. She is also a writer for Afghan Women Writing Project. Mona loves arts like painting and music. She made two documentary movies.

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