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The term of television is made of two words, viz (tele) and (vision). it means to see from a distamce.

Television is an improved from of radio and providing a better source of instruction and amusement.

T.V is a useful source for getting education and knowledge.

We can make and broadcast efective education programs for children and students through T.V channels.

Nowadays religious scholars, intellectuals and politicians speak to the people on the T.V to guide them to the right path of morality and public virturs.

Althugh, television has all these advanlages and facilities, we should also be aware of evils that it brings to the people .

Because it may be misused and make the people corrupt by showing and displaying them of immoral picturs and films.

Nonetheless. this is the responsibility of the government to have control over T.V channels and prsvent them from mising this useful source of guidance in the country.

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