Thanks for watching my drawings!

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Hello again!

I´m really happy about your feedback, comments and e-mails on the drawings that I posted, that´s why now I´m collecting most of them from all the short films that I made. At this moment I´m trying to scan and take photos of some storyboards and original art keys.

I´m kind of impressed by your feedback, especially because I really don´t know how to use perfectly Illustrator or Photoshop, and I prefer to make hand drawings, inks or water colors, that´s why my stuff is kind of imperfect.

Also, and as a consequence of the other post about "Humanoide no robot" with comparisons between drawings, drafts, and storyboards, I found an editorial company to publish a book with all that material.

And to end this little post, I want to share a couple images with original stuff from the short films "Soliloquio" and "Enco, a steam journey". Soon I´m going to post more about this works, this is just a preview.

Best regards and thank you all very much!

Also special thanks to the Film Annex staff!


Soliloquio (Experimental 2008)

Enco, a steam journey (Animation 2011, co-directed with Gabriela Salgueiro)


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