The growth of short content on digital media - #TribecaTalks Series

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On Saturday, April 26, I attended a panel as part of the Tribeca Talks series, 'The growth of short content'. The goal was to discuss how videos are taking over the digital media landscape with short content, and how it changes the way we consume media.

Greg Clayman of Vimeo led the discussion around 4 guests: filmmaker, director, and producer Morgan Spurlock, actress Gillian Jacobs, Dan Silver of ESPN and The New York Times Op-Docs Producer and Curator Jason Spingarn-Koff.

A few thoughts from the conversation:

Morgan Spurlock explained that some stories are meant to be told in 3-5 minutes, and not in long format, and that here is an audience for this "snackable content."

Gillian Jacobs talked about her role in Tiny Commando, as well as promoting Community online, and engaging with their fans.

Jason Spingarn-Koff explained how Op-Docs is looking for meaningful and creative work for the NY Times video series and how being part of the 'Opinion' section gives the series some creative freedom.

When came the question about monetizing short form content online, they all agreed that you have to put your work in as many places as you can, but that making short films or documentaries is just a way to introduce and finance further work, and that making a living out of it is very difficult.

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