The love of a family is life's greatest blessing

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Everyone needs a family to lean on.I just hope for a world where there are no more orphans,no more abandoned children where everyone has their own family.Everyone should be born with a mother and a father beside them.No one wants to be left behind in a garbage at the time they are born.Having a family beside you is a dream come true,no one longs to wake up and see the world alone.

Well,as I see it the world is not getting better it's becoming more cruel and rude.But anyway we don't need to discuss negative things all the time.

We are blessed to have our own family with us.Our family is one of the greatest gift we have ever recieved they are the ones whom we have known first.Our very first helper to carry us as we grow up and face,the up and downs of life. 

What's the exact goodness of having a Family?

● Having a family beside you gives you the feeling of assurance,assurance that when you fail you have a family to run to.The world might look down on you and see you as a loser but your family will be there to tell you "it's okay the world don't just see the best in you just like we do".

●Some define family in this way 'a group of people who supports each other in good times and in bad times' which is wonderful to hear.

●Family is what makes a up a lonely world,every one great happy family who have faith,hope,trust and love as their foundation is one of the light and beauty of the world.Love is first conveyed by a family spread by its own members felt by all and shared to everyone who hears and see it.


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