The Magical Readathon: A Readathon for Harry Potter's Fan

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A Readathon That Shouldn't be Missed by a Harry Potter Lovers


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Last January, I posted a blog titled My 2018 Reading Goal. One of my reading challenges is to read 50 books in 2018. However, until mid-October, I just finished 23 books. That means I have not reached 50% of my challenges, even though there are only two months left before 2018 ends.

In order to catch up with my behind, I decided to participate on several readathons.


What is the Readathon?


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It is a term used by book lovers to refer to the marathon of reading.

Basically, when a readathon takes place, you need to read the books for a certain period of time while completing some challenges or prompts. In addition, it usually has a specific theme to keep readers interested during the readathon.

The main purpose of the readathon is to help you to complete more books. This will also help you to decide the books that you can read by choosing the books according to the challenges.


The Magical Readathon

When I was looking for a readathon scheduled to take place from October to December 2018, I found one readathon that excited me the most. It is called The Magical Readthon created by Book Roast.

The main reason that attracted me the most was because it's inspired by the Harry Potter Series.

Actually, the original schedule of this readathon was in April and August. The first round takes place from 2nd to 29th of April, while the second round takes place throughout August.


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However, as Book Roast said in her announcement video, anyone who was late still able to participate by set their own time. So, I will do the first round of this readathon in November, and I will continue the second round in December.


O.W.L.s. and N.E.W.T.s Level

As I mentioned earlier, The Magical Readathon inspired by the Harry Potter Series. This readathon took the exam system in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as its theme.

There are two levels of examination in Hogwarts which determined the student’ career after they finished their study in Hogwarts.

The first level called Ordinary Wizarding Levels or shorten as O.W.L. - which is an exam that they need to take on the 5th grade in Hogwarts. Then the second level called Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests or commonly known as N.E.W.T. The student will have their N.E.W.T.s exam on their last year in Hogwarts which is on their 7th grades.


The Subjects on O.W.L.s. and N.E.W.T.s. Exam


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One of the regulations of these exams is that a student needs to pass a subject on O.W.L. with a certain grade to be able to take the classes for their N.E.W.T. on the same subject.

Passing grades:

- Outstanding [O] (always continues to N.E.W.T.-level)
- Exceeds Expectations [E] (usually continues to N.E.W.T.-level)
- Acceptable [A] (rarely continues to N.E.W.T.-level)

Failing grades:

- Poor [P] (may repeat)
- Dreadful [D]
- Troll [T]


In addition, the student needs to choose which subjects that they would like to take based on their career plan because each career required a certain score of N.E.W.T.s


The Magical Readathon: O.W.L.s. Edition & N.E.W.T.s. 2018


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Since this readathon inspired from Hogwarts’ exam level, the Magical Readathon also consist of two rounds. The first round called the Magical Readathon: O.W.L.s. Edition, while the second round called the Magical Readathon: N.E.W.T. 2018.

The rules of these readathons are exactly the same where you need to complete the OWLs readathon to be able to take part in NEWTs readathon.

While for the challenges, it is categorized based on the subjects on O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. exam in Hogwarts.

As for the book, any book that you can find on Goodreads is count to complete the challenges including audiobook, comic, or manga.

And the last rules is one book only able to count for one challenge. It means you can not double up a book for several challenges even that book meet the prompt of those challenges. It’s because one of the goals of this readathon is to push us to read more books.


1st Round: The Magical Readathon - O.W.L.s. Edition

Video Source: Book Roast from YouTube


There are 12 reading challenges for The OWLs Readathon which are based on the subject that studied by Hogwarts’s students.


 Images Source: Book Roast from OWLs Letter


When you finished a book that meets the prompt of a certain subject, that means you passed the OWL level for that subject and you will get 1 OWL score.

For example, when you finished one fantasy book and a book with a number on the title, that means you get 2 OWLs and passed two subjects - the Arithmancy and the Charms.


How to Pass The OWLs Readathon

In order to complete this readathon, you need to get an Acceptable as your minimum Passing Grades. The OWLs Readathon also adapted the passing grade system like O.W.L.s exam in Hogwarts.


Image Source: Book Roast from OWLs Letter

So, technically you can pass the OWL level in this readathon by completed two books.


2nd Round: The Magical Readathon - N.E.W.T. 2018

Video Source: Book Roast from YouTube

The next round is The Magical Readathon - N.E.W.T. 2018. Since it’s the next level, the challenge for this readathon is more difficult than The OWL Readathon.

It still uses the same 12 subjects as the category. But now, each category will have three challenges for you to get certain grades.


Images Source: Book Roast from NEWTs Letter


And just like how N.E.W.T.s. system in Harry Potter, you only able do the challenge for a certain subject if you passed the O.W.L level of that subject.

As an example, to be able to take the challenge for the Charms subject you must complete the OWLs for the Charms.

Lastly, to get an Outstanding score for a subject, you need to complete the challenge for the Acceptable Score and Exceed Expectation score. 


How to Pass Your N.E.W.T.s Level

You will complete the N.E.W.T.s. Readathon by getting minimum two N.E.W.T. score with one Outstanding as your grades.


Image Source: Book Roast from NEWTs Letter

So, minimum books that you need to read to count as successfully complete the N.E.W.T.s. Readathon is by reading four books (three books to get an Outstanding score and one book to get an Acceptable score).


I will Participate in The Magical Readathon

2018 is the first year of this readathon. However, seeing the enthusiasm from the book community, Book Roast decided to make this event an annual event. Of course, I will participate in next year.

Due to my delay in knowing about this readathon, I will do this readathon on from November until DecemberFor the O.W.Ls Readathon I will do it from 2nd until 29th November, while for the N.E.W.T.s Readathon is throughout December.

Until I write this blog, I haven't decided what books I will read for each challenge. However, I have planned several books that are in line with the challenges.

On the next blog, I will share my goal for each round of The Magical Readathon including the books that I plan to read for each challenge.

See you in the next blog.


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