The Origin of Crude Oil

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I've written hundreds -perhaps thousands- of articles related to science. Some of them received excellent reviews, some excellent visitations. But the one best from the perspective of Facebook shares is my article at DecodedScience, entitled,

The Origin of Crude Oil or Petroleum: Biotic or Abiotic?

Yes, that article concerning the origin of oil has received (to date) 111 Facebook Shares . Why is that? Truly, if I knew, I would write nothing but articles that would perform as well. All kidding aside, it may have to do with the story we were told in school - namely that oil comes from the decomposition of dinosaur bodies and plant matter within the earth's crust.

Frankly, that story is not convincing at all to many scientists. There is another story every bit as convincing. It requires no decomposed, formerly living matter (biotic). Rather, oil arises from minerals (abiotic).

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