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The Paititi Institute for the Preservation of Ecology and Indigenous Culture is a nonprofit organization devoted to the integration of indigenous wisdom into every day life. We are located on 4000 acres in Peru.

Through all of our programs, we dedicate our efforts to supporting a society of deep, nurturing and true values. We serve as an intercultural bridge, supporting individuals and communities to live activated, responsible and joyful lives in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes. As humans, we are inexorably linked to the earth and each other. As part of this magnificent symbiotic organism, we are dedicated to co-creating the enlightened world we all have in our hearts.

Paititi’s efforts to create a harmonious balance in human life with this planet comes together into 5 key categories:
-Conserving and restoring the Earth’s natural resources.
-Preserving and integrating indigenous wisdom and culture.
-Cultivating health through traditional and natural methods.
-Embodying true stewardship via eco-regenerative, community living.
-Understanding consciousness and engaging in cognitive evolution.

We offer a multi-disciplinary approach of indigenous and alternative healing modalities, all geared towards the detoxification of physical and emotional toxins and the reactivation of the evolutionary healing potential of the human organism. This includes Ancient Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Yoga, and Eastern meditation practices, Amazonian/Tibetan Transformational breathwork, and a Balanced Nutritional Plan comprised of living, biodynamic foods.

We are open to volunteers/community members that wish to exchange time and energy for housing, nourishment, and education.

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