The thin lines of dating a cougar: A fan fiction

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Author note: This fan fiction, I Lindsie Starr will not be the one who is the first person in this fan fiction, but I will be mention. Someone else will be the one.

It was a warm summer night. I was on twitter, checking out my tweets and there, I see her, Lindsie Starr. I know that she is in love with my teacher, Chris Hero, and I look very weird in my photo icon. I gone through much of a phase, since my time in Chikara. She probably think I am a weirdo or a creep. I don't know what to say about this, since I know much of Chris. I should ask her, but, I am so busy promoting myself and answering the fans. So, I answer so many tweets. I have this match upcoming soon on Halloween. I face against my old rival, Hallowicked. We haven't much faced each other, since our feud over the Young Lions Cup title. I should invite Lindsie, since it's close to her home. "Hey Lindsie, I want you to come to this show. It's over at the Bordentown Armory" I said to her to a tweet. "Hi Tim. I have to think about coming. It's hard for my life, because, of my classwork, but, I could try" said Lindsie. Her tweet made me so happy. "Cool, should I pick you up?" I ask her. "Yeah, I should direct message you" said Lindsie. I was feel so overjoy about it. We talk more and I ask her about why she love Chris. "Well, he is a very funny guy. He is really sweet and most of all, I really love him" said Lindsie. "Wow, I did not know that. Does he knows?" I ask her. "No, I think he don't" said Lindsie. I know that she was hurt. I felt so bad about it.

Days gone by and I was tired from my wild tour. I got on twitter. Lindsie was still talking about Chris. So, I rest and a few hours, I drove to Lindsie's home. I had a hard time finding her home, until I see it. When Lindsie told me that her home is getting damage, because of her family, I see what she means by. I knock at the door to see if she's home. I knock the door. Lindsie answer the door. "Huh? Tim!" said Lindsie. "Hi, Lindsie, can I come in?" I ask her. "Sure thing" said Lindsie. I enter her house. I wore my outfit that I did my music video. I see Lindsie wearing her purple shirt and black pants, but, she then went to get change. I seen how bad her home is. Some paint were chipped. I see Lindsie coming downstairs. "Hey, Lindsie, what happened to the steps of your house?" I ask her. "Oh, the railing was removed. My lazy father could not fix it. However, my brother and I took nasty falls on these steps" said Lindsie. I could not believe that would happen to a beauty, like Lindsie. I came up to Lindsie and kiss her. Lindsie was indeed in shock. "Tim, what was that?" she ask me. "I felt sorry for you" I said. "Tim Donst, I can't believe you!" said Lindsie. "I'm sorry then" I said. Lindsie looked at me. She then kiss me back. "No, I am sorry. I should told you that I just been upset" she said. "How so?" I ask her. "It's my friends, they betrayed me. I just done nothing wrong, but when they told Chris, I was so upset and I told them to never speak to me again" said Lindsie. She was so upset. I comfort her as soon as possible.

I see Lindsie has this black dress and she look sweet, but, she look young, but, I decided to treat her. "Come with me" I said. I took Lindsie to the mall. When we got there, Lindsie and I went in. We went to stores and I seen what Lindsie bought. She never bought something expensive, but, she look so sexy. I really love how she is. "How do I look?" Lindsie ask me. "Beautiful" I said to her. I took Lindsie to a restaurant inside of the mall. I see how Lindsie order. We order dinner and we talk. "So, what you been doing lately?" I ask her. "Well, I been just doing my classwork, but, it's so stressful" she said. "Oh. But, I got you away from it" I said. "Yeah, you did" said Lindsie. After we had dinner, Lindsie want to pay dinner, but, I would take care of it. We went back to her home. I take her inside and kiss her. I told her good night. She smiled and she said good night. I leave her house and I shouted. "I AM IN LOVE WITH LINDSIE!" I said. I knew that I was happy. The next several days, I try to performed shows and spend time with Lindsie. It was soon time for the show. I pick up Lindsie. We went to the place and the crowd was wild. "This is more intense since your birthday" said Lindsie. "Nah, I am used to it" I said. Well Lindsie was right about it. On my birthday, Lindsie surprise me with something I never she thought she would do.  She gave me a lap dance and then something that was just pure insane. She gave me a blowjob. She done it so well, I felt like she done this before, but, it was her first time.

I found out that I was in the main event, so, Lindsie and I walk outside to see the sun set. "So, I never bother to ask you Lindsie, but, how old are you?" I ask Lindsie. "Well, I don't know what to say about it. I could be an age to be your mother or I could be younger than that" she said. I notice she drop her ID. "YOUR 28?" I ask her. "Huh? Ah, yeah, it's true. That is my real ID. Unlike any dumb person, I never break the law" said Lindsie. I was in shock. I realized that I am dating a cougar. Well, she is young. I gave her back her ID and we both went inside. It was almost time for the main event and I got ready. Lindsie sat up front, because I had it reserved it for her. I had to do my best and hopefully not injured. It was awesome. Hallowicked came out first and then I did. We were cheered by the fans and they were totally divided on who should win. We had this awesome match. During the match, I brought Hallowicked up to Lindsie and told her to punch him. She did. After that, the match went so crazy, I got hit a few times, but in the end, I beat Hallowicked. After the match, we both shake hands. I went to the back and got ready to spend the rest of the night with Lindsie. I saw Lindsie waiting for me in the locker room. She was so beautiful. I took her back my place. As, we enter, I brought Lindsie to my living room. I place my stuff at the kitchen and then I went to Lindsie and sat next to her. "Well, how do you like my place?" I ask her. "It's very cool" said Lindsie. We both kissed. I grab Lindsie by the hand. We went to my bedroom and we sat down. I kiss her and she kiss me. We made out. We then took off our clothes off and kiss a whole lot more. I kiss all over Lindsie's body and she kiss back all over my body. I felt the kisses from her. Soon, I gone on top on Lindsie. From there we had sex. I kiss Lindsie and she kiss me back. Her nails were sinking on my back. I was loving it. Suddenly, I felt this shock down below and then we scream. "Here it comes!" I said. "Oh yes! I can feel it!" said Lindsie. It was finally stop. I got off of her and we breath so deep and heavy.

I felt like I did something right. Lindsie and I kissed. We both cuddle and fell asleep after I kiss her. The next morning, we went to get breakfast and I took Lindsie home. I had another show to do. I never understood about how to be nice to a cougar, but, I feel Lindsie is not. She is just in her youth and she never go after anyone younger than me. Two weeks later, Lindsie told me something that I was in shock. "Tim, I believe that I am pregnant!" she said. "What? I can't be the father!" I said. Lindsie got upset. I said something wrong. But, what would that be? "Please tell me that you didn't have sex with another man?" I ask her angrily. "No! After that night, I focus back to my studies. I never seen another guy! Tim you are the one. I got my blood drawn and they said I am pregnant" said Lindsie. I was in shock. Do I believe in her? I thought about it. I do remember back on Halloween when she had drop her ID. She said so that is her age. She never lie. But, why do I feel that I am doubting her. "Lindsie, I am sorry if I didn't believe you at first. I really was scared and shock to hear about it. Will you ever forgive me?" I ask her.  "I do" she said. We hug and kissed. Lindsie tells me that she has to focus her studies. I feel she shouldn't do that. But, Lindsie have to. So, I had to make her calm, but, I had to perform and I need the money. I had to find out what shows I need to do. So, I found out that there will be a huge tour for me. It would be enough for us. I would be gone, but I won't be back until Christmas Eve. I had to tell Lindsie. "Lindsie, I have to tell you something. I am going to be on tour and I won't be back until Christmas Eve. Will you wait for me by then?" I ask. "My mother is planing a vacation to Florida to visit my grandmother, my aunt, and my uncle. But, I promise I won't see him" said Lindsie.

"I know. Even so, I really love you" I said. Lindsie smiled and we both kissed. It was hard. For the rest of November and December, I had to performed. Once I was done, I had gather my stuff and headed back home and then pack to Florida. Lindsie told me where she is staying. So, I bought this sweet gift for Lindsie. I made my way down to Florida and I arrived. Lindsie was waiting for me. "I miss you" said Lindsie. "I miss you too" I said. We both kissed. Lindsie had shown signs of her pregnancy. We spend time together. Lindsie had something to tell me. "I know this is not asking much, but, I don't know if you would like this, but, I got you a try out with WWE" she said. "What? Why?" I ask her. "Listen, I ran into William Regal and I spoke of you and told him. I explain that who trained you and he would want you to try out, but, under one condition" she said. "What's that?" I ask her. "He really told me that I have to spend Christmas Eve with Chris" Lindsie said. "What? You can't! That sounds so wrong!" I said. Lindsie smiled. "I am just kidding" she said as she laugh. I was shock. I started to laugh too. "However, you do have a tryout with WWE and they want you to come after Christmas" said Lindsie. I had to think about it. "I am not sure. I mean I would be gone for months and it won't be worth it" I said. "Actually, you won't" said Lindsie. "Huh? What are you saying?" I ask. "Well once you signed with them, they want you to be here for the next several months or so. You won't be traveling state to state. Instead you will be going city to city during the weekend and be part of their tapings for TV and internet" said Lindsie. "Really? Are you sure about it?" I ask her. "Yes, because I used to watch this and I know" she said. "Right, cause of Chris. I have to think about it" I said. I had to. But, what about the others.
All I look is at Lindsie's gift. It was hard at work to get her this. Do I really want to, despite that what happen to Lindsie. I had to quickly made my move. "Lindsie, I have been thinking about it and I really want to, but, on one condition" I said. "What's that?" she ask. I pulled out Lindsie's gift and got down on one knee. I open it in front of her. "Will you be Mrs. Timothy Donst?" I ask her. Lindsie started to cry. "I do!" she said. I pull out the gift, an engagement ring. I place it on Lindsie's left finger. "It's beautiful" said Lindsie. "I hope it's right. You said that you like emerald stones" I said. "Yes, I really do" she said. I got up and we both hug and kissed. We celebrate Christmas by telling everyone that we are engaged. It was crazy, but, Lindsie and I deserve this. I never ever doubt about this. We are just two crazy kids in love. I had my tryout and I was surprised who I had to face. "Chris?" I ask. "Tim, is that you?" he ask. "Yeah, I had to face against you?" I ask. "I guess so. What do I hear that you are engage to my gal?" ask Chris. "Your gal? She's my fiancée!" I said. We face off and wrestle, until Chris beat me. After that, I got so mad. I walk away the ring and thank the people who let me have a tryout. I went to see Lindsie who was staying with her aunt and uncle. "What's going on?" I ask her. "With what?" she ask. "Chris said that he was still yours!" I said. "I haven't spoke to him, just look at my twitter account!" she said. Lindsie show me. I was stunned. She haven't spoke to him. But, I seen the tweets from Claudio. "What was Claudio up to?" I ask her. "He was asking me about us" said Lindsie. She and I look. We seen Claudio. He send hearts to Lindsie, but it was not like him.

"It looks like that Claudio is acting weird. He must got hacked" I said. "I think someone got to his twitter account" said Lindsie. Lindsie was right and I figure out who. "It's Chris. He got to Claudio's account. He heard the engagement through here" I said. "Why?" Lindsie ask. "He still in love with you" I said. "I am not in love with him anymore" said Lindsie. Lindsie is right. She would say that she is in love with him, but, she won't say that she would give up the baby or anything. "Lindsie, do you still love me?" I ask. "Yes, I do, my fiancee" said Lindsie. I was worry about it. A few months go by, we decided to get married before Lindsie was going to turn 29. It was at the court house and we did not want any problems. A few months later, I got a call in our place. I was in shock and I told Lindsie the news. "Lindsie, I have news" I said. "What?" she ask. "They want me to sign with them! I guess we are moving to Florida" I said. "Tim, this is sweet! Oh, honey this is what we are wanting for!" said Lindsie. I see the smile on Lindsie and I felt our child. "Our child is really happy" I said. "Yeah" said Lindsie. We celebrate with a dinner and then we had to pack after I got tested. I pass with no problems. Lindsie pack our clothing and I pack our furniture. We got the truck pack and I drove. We got to Florida. We got a home there already when we were there last. We had to just get our first payment in. So, we move in. I did most of the moving, while Lindsie got our clothes from the truck. I got so tired after we moved in. Lindsie order take out and she got the food. Soon, we eat. After we eat, we watch TV. Then, we fell asleep. The next day, after we have breakfast, I went to sign the contract. After that I told Lindsie that I have to get to work out at the performance center, first thing tomorrow. Lindsie felt so happy.

I came home with lunch and after that, I took Lindsie to get her ultrasound on her stomach. We were happy with the results. "I can't believe that we are excepting to have a girl" I said. "Yeah" said Lindsie. We got home, but someone is waiting for us. It was Chris and he was not alone. He had Sara. "What do you want?" I ask. "Lindsie and the child she's carrying!" said Chris. "You need to leave" I said. "Really? Why did you tweet to Sara?" ask Chris. "She's was asking about some information!" I said. Chris and Sara was about to approach Lindsie and me, when all of a sudden, the police came and arrested both Chris and Sara. "What the heck?" I ask. "I had no other choice" said Lindsie. "Why?" I ask her. "Tim, they were on our property and they were trespassing. I had to protect us and our child" said Lindsie. Lindsie looked so scared. Some things are really scary for her and this is huge for Lindsie. Soon, we were back in our house for the evening. The next day, I got to the performance center and I got training done. I was worried about what happened. A few months later, Lindsie went into labor. I was just finished up my first match against Sami Callihan, when Lindsie went into labor. I was with her at bedside. Lindsie went into labor and she gave birth to our daughter. "Lindsie, she is beautiful" I said. "Yeah" said Lindsie as she is crying. I cut the umbilical cord and the nurses take care of our daughter. We had to think of a name. "How about Amanda?" ask Lindsie. "Yeah, I like the name" I said. The nurse brought our daughter and I sat on the chair and hold her. "Hello Amanda, I am you daddy" I said. She smiled. Lindsie got tired and she rest. I rock our daughter to sleep. The nurse help us. I got to take a nap with Lindsie in her bed. I am happy with our life.

In the truth to this all, this whole year, I felt that it's just that there are some thin lines of dating a cougar. Just make sure you know what you are up to. Always love them and they will love you back. I just know that I realized that Lindsie is not a cougar anymore, because she and I looked it up. We are just two kids starting a new life with our young one. Maybe then, she will find one. But, until then, we so need to get her first moments.

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