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Blog or article writing is a very important step in every student education’s process. Every student could write blogs and express what he or she has in his/her heart mind. The students were not able to reach to the things that they wanted up to now, cause of the equipments and facilities scarceness. Therefore, The Citadel Company and FilmAnnex Platform provided abundant equipments to the girl students, including IT Classes, internet and free trainings.

Now, the students could do projects easily that are given by their teachers, and add to their information. Blog writing is another part of blog writing that FilmAnnex and Citadel Company afforded for the students. Now, the students could share their chatting freely, and by blog writing they could get incomes. It helps them to continue their education without any troubles and horrors. The Citadel Company and FilmAnnex platform prepared film treatment trainings for the school girls who are interested  to Film Treatment writing, get improvements and reach to their aims, could make great, high quality films in the future, and show their culture to the world.

There are a lot of students who became the user of FilmAnnex, they are very happy that have the opportunities to get to the goals in the life, and grateful of Citadel Company and FilmAnnex Platform that that prepared such opportunities for them to continue their education and help their people in the future. 

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