Travel in Space

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Space travel became possible when the Russians started sending artificial satellite into outer space in1957.

The satellite travel around the earth hundreds of miles about it.after this Americans   sent their satellite in space.

Spaceman and astronauts have face difficulties and danger as they have breathe oxygen as there is no air in outer space,They have to face the problem of weightlessness in space when are out of the gravity of earth,they have trained well to face it.

Extremely dangerous rays like ''cosmic rays'' & ''solar rays'' all time attack.

spaceman go to talking of control station during space travel, Experts in these control station advise the spaceman about their direction in space

speed of their spaceship & so on.

Space travel is of benefit. it has made  visits to the moon possible.spaceman collect a lot of information about space while traveling through it.

The instruments give useful information about charge,atmospheric pressure temperature magnetic field of earth and so on.

Space travel should be for peaceful purpose.


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