Trip To Murree On 14 August Independence Day With Friends

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In this blog i am going to tell you guys about and awesome trip to Murree on Independence Day with some awesome friends.

It was 14 August Pakistan Independence Day and we all friends decided to arrange a trip to Murree we all want to enjoy and have fun that day and want to celebrate Independence Day.
So at 9 am we started our journey we all were going on bikes we all have to drive 5 to 6 hours to get there .
After 5 hours and 30 min we arrived at our first destination HOTEL ELITES.

As you can see from the background of this picture that murree is beautiful place to visit .
We rested about half an hour at this hotel then  we headed toward road side shops , we all buy different stuff from there.I bought typical traditional hat from there .
We all were enjoying very much meanwhile we saw monkeys at road side i think they were hungry because they snatched food from my friend :) that was the funniest part and we all laughed at him .
 There were many more people like us there enjoying and having fun most of the drivers playing national songs in there cars and painted there cars with national flags.

All of the peoples were very exited that day  some are dancing some people are taking pics at different places infact we all friends danced there and enjoyed very much.I miss that day very much because at that day we all friends were together laughing smiling enjoying and having fun that day will not come back i miss you all friends 

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