unemployment-the evil

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Unemployment is the term referred to the condition or period of absence of employment, or nonexistence of any resource to manage raiment is considered as unemployment.



It is the main cause of all evils, crimes, tensions, depression ,disorders ,disobedience , moral corruption, cruelty  ,oppression ,in short wherever in the world or in society the well known ‘devil ‘ unemployment” exists or stays can never ever allows  happiness, peace ,calm ,to enter in that area.  It is of such type of teacher that teaches man to throw off his good nature, and to put his feet in the valley of crimes.



As a man can never lead his life without requiring things included shelter , food, clothes and much more basic necessities. so in order to fulfill his needs and the people for whom he is responsible  , he must earn enough money , either by serving in some industry or by settling his business , or even by begging-the most irksome job. Shortly, by whichever means, depends on his flight of ambition, he earns , makes him able to lead his life , with comfort, relaxation and coziness , either less or more. Then definitely , if some one is penniless would be he able to have all this? Thus it reflects that for the fulfillments of needs ,lusts  and desires , to attain status to have  a marvelous life, reasonable job …some sort of employment is required. So one can imagine the fruits of employment and thorns  of unemployment.




It is observable fact that where ever in the world unemployment increases , poverty increases side by side ,which in turn kills moral values and boosts up incredibly  the terrific issues. I am not saying that for everyone there should be a outstanding job, with outstanding packages because everyone cannot be a boss, employees on different scales, on different duties are hired regarding education, qualification and experience. The considerable thing is, is one employed or not? Now what type of , has he…is of secondary importance.



 The unemployment issue is soaring high in the sky especially in the underdeveloped countries. Perhaps, because they do not have enough budget to initiate new projects for exceedingly large population.

Anyhow; nothing is impossible in the world, depends is there anyone to think like that. In fact not only thinks but  have passion to take practical steps.

 Government should take this issue seriously, and must introduce such chances that can be helpful in illuminating it up to certain limit. But all the censure not falls on the government , public  has also the power to  revolutionized the society by bringing positive changes. By investing more and more in private sector and can offer in this way tremendous opportunities, rather transferring their money in foreign banks. By the collective efforts of all of us ,we can bring good changes .


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