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Our government has made several attempts to tackle this monster but so far all these efforts have been abortive. The government advance loan to doctors, engineers and technicians but very few can these benefits due to red tapes on offices. Any long term solution for curbing unemployment in Pakistan can be through the rapid development for our economical and social sector.


 We should develop vocational skill of our manpower in areas concerning electronics, tailoring, carpentry etc. simultaneously, the talents of our educated manpower should not be thrown away but rather these talents should be utilized for management and high powered technological skill training. To avoid frustration, our unemployed manpower should not be absorbed into any employment for the sake of being employed but should channelized appropriate areas.


 The huge unemployed illiterate population may be absorbed in the construction of educational institutions, roads, canals, hospital, etc. If this process of development is implemented there will be economic prosperity in the country. We should not allow our skilled or unskilled manpower to loiter hither and thither. They must be engaged in different productive fields. 

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