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I got my first digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera long time ago, when I was a kid. And I was thinking all the time - How great would it be to film a video with picture quality. Later I found a professional camcorder with incredible video quality, but it was so expensive. It was easier to buy a good car for that money! Came 2008, it was a groundbreaking year for the whole film-making industry, Nikon introduced D90... The first DSLR camera for me with a Rec. button!!! A dream came true.

Now everyone who has the latest DSLR camera can say - I'm a filmmaker.
Yes, I know, old-school professionals will say that it's "bullshit", you have to go to school, spend a lot of money for proper equipment and stuff like this, but now you can film independent films right in your home, in your garage and it's never been easier.
Look around and see what we got in 2012? A lot of people lost their jobs because they don't want to go forward and accept new realities with DSLR cameras. Yesterday I saw "Act of Valor" - the first Hollywood quality movie for the big screen theaters, which has been shot on DSLR cameras from the beginning to the end. And now I can say with no doubt - Welcome to the future, DSLR cameras are the future.

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