What happens when 10,000 firecrackers explode?

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Stockimage from Merio at Pixabay used under the  CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license. 

They pretend that the video would be scientific. To me, the whole event looks more like fun and entertainment. Anyway, it's well worth to see what happens and I hope that you enjoy the show! 

Youtube video created by Mr Gear about how to explode 10,000 firecrackers.

Why do I post this video inside a blog?

Inside the "Movie"-section, only selfmade original videos may be uploaded. However, if I want to post a great Youtube video, I can do it inside a blog. There is a "Web"-tab for putting in the embed code of the video. I have to give proper credit to the owner of the Youtube video. 

Read here how to give credit at bitLanders:

Of course, such a short blog does not fulfill the requirements for a review. Beside my blogs which I send for a review, I have these small blogs with a Youtube video. Entertainment of my fellow bitLanders is the only purpose of these small blogs. 

I hope that you enjoy this short blogs of mine. I wish you a lot of success with bitLanders!






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