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Swiss Science Center Technorama, Winterthur…
3D Zoetrope - First Attempt
3D Zoetrope - Cloud Test
3D Zoetrope - Dome Test
Rouge Vs. Hunter GamePlay Match- Heartstone…
3D Zoetrope - 20 Layer Waves
Robert Breer Stylee
Making of Shine
Relying On Plants To Breathe (FiST…
Tramprints - Experimental Printing…

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Ray Anthony Mina

The Jewels That Mountains Wear Image source:   How much ice did you ever see in one place? An ice tray full?……

by rex_sensei

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Dog experiments

Tran Huy

  Some scientists decided to do the following experiments on a dog. For the first experiment, they cut off one of the dog's legs,……

by tran-huy-5194

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All About Physics

Teejay De la Llave

The study of physics is the study of the universe and more specifically, just how the universe works. It is without a doubt the……

by imyajeet

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To keep you posted.

Josh Evans

I am currently working on a project that is abstract from anything I've seen before. You, the audience will either get it or not.……

by josh-evans

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The book publishing

shakir jan

Many people read and buy the books but nobody wants to know that how a book is made? A publishing process of a book depends upon the……

by shakirjan

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Choo bin yong

A experiment done in ps. Fasincated by how some 3d animation looks so much like 2d. It brings a whole different style and feel to……

by choo-bin-yong

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