What is your criteria to say a film 'Comedy'?

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Many people have their own understanding or criteria to say that a particular film as comedy or not. I'm just putting the main ideas that most of us thought in our mind repeatedly so if you are really interested,you can start the 'secret'here... Some people think that a film is comedy if it simply contains some 'odd' sayings.I mean,if we hear some issues that we don't get freely in our real environment it makes them fun.This types of people want to live a life with 'simple and easy' architecture rather than complicated patterns of the real world taboo. The other ones become funny as they see a comedy film that is full of 'indirect lies and foolishness'.In fact this is the most common case of comedy films but the background that the scripts are supported is ' a ship without map'.I have my own reason;If you consider yourself as a filmmaker,you may be attracted to the film scences that are in control of jokes and some foolish way of life but comedy film doesn't necessarily indicate that it has no aim to give some 'good yet unobserved' social aspects of the community. Next,some others like to see comedy films that touches their inner mind in the most comfortable way.It simply means that they like it not because of the contents or the structural arrangements of the film rather the part of the film that is directly or indirectly related to their funny or tricky passed life experiences. I just want to ask you this... What is your criteria to say a film 'Comedy'? have a nice time!

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