What we do to be live young ?

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You no need to get mad on me, because I love to describe what I realize in my life. It is my observation and my own desire that we all people want to live young throughout our life. Every one has his/her own way to do something to keep young. Most of us now are using different Messages, Whitening creams, Ficial while other are using herbs. 

I would like to describe over here what way we use, but it is true we have to be old at all. but being human we need to live neat and clean. I observe it keenly that most of people are turning themselves towards natural things. For example they are using fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, milk and wheat. I think these are those items they will keep us young little bit long but at least finally we have to be old.

I would like to say that we need to keep ourselves in good and smiling mood. Actually thinking deep and negative can also impact on our personality and it push us towards old. So, we need to think positive, eat healthy and live happy. 

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