Why does your BUZZ score decrease?

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Why does your BUZZ score decrease?


Have any one of you thought why does your BUZZ score decreases even though you regularly post innumerable photos, videos and blogs on Film Annex? It’s really painful to see out BUZZ score going down every day. We visit the stats page of Film Annex every day to see the graph and to our disappointment we find the graph going down. Let me share my experience with all of you.

I am basically a Bollywood crazy and like to be updated with all the latest gossips of Bollywood. So I thought of sharing few information on the upcoming movies. But the blunder I made was that I copied and pasted all those information from Google. As a result most of my blogs got rejected and that became a prime reason for my decreasing BUZZ score. So I would suggest all my friends on Film Annex few simple but very effective steps to avoid all these and maintain a steady growth in your BUZZ score and as a result growth in your revenueJ

  1. Do not copy paste blogs or articles from Google. Even if you are not a very good writer as I am, not feel shy to share your thoughts in your own words.  
  2. If you are good at photography or videography then always try to get interesting snaps and shots from your surroundings and upload them on Film Annex. We often forget that the most interesting things of life are not far from us, rather they are around us.
  3. Try to make as many connections as possible and send all your friends connected a small gratitude or a warm wish at least once in a week.
  4. Share all your posts on FB, LinkedIn and other social networks. This will help your influence and increase your BUZZ score.
  5. Keep posting interesting and informative micro blogs every day.

Hope you have loved my blog and would be helpful for you. If you feel its worth it then please hit a BUZZ and also share your comments as your feedback and comments are very valuable for me to maintain writing good and interesting contents. Thank you.


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