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Wire is a thing which is connected between two things. Different types of wire’s are use in around of us in different works. Mostly use of wire’s in the field of electricity. Some wire’s is use for high voltage and some is use for low voltage. Wire’s are available in different size, shape and material which is use in these days.

For example if we see in a personal computer then we see the CD/DVD room/writer is connected with motherboard with wire. Hard disc also connected with motherboard with wire. We give the power to the computer with wire.


Firstly we use wire charger to charge the mobile phone. But today a new technology is introduced it is wireless charging. The mouse we use with computer is connected with wire and also keyboard. But both are connected with wireless.


We say that anything is not work and start without the help of wire. The whole world is connected with wire. Some wire is use for telephone. Which wire is use for telephone is two wire. It is separate but gather in one insolation.


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