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Hello; I am a published writer of two books: A book of short stories (Ghostly Tales), and a fantasy novel (Dark Plane Cycle). I was first published in a poetry and short story magazine in 1989. I do not claim to be an expert on writing but I have learned from courses and personal experience what works and roadblocks and errors made by writers and am writing these blogs to help others who want to become either published or just write for themselves avoid these same issues.

I will also post here some of my unpublished stories and poetry so others can share the joy I like to share through tales.

If you have any topic you would like me to cover please let me know and I will attempt to cover them as best I can. Some of my lessons will also cover common errors in word usage, parts of speech, and grammar to help prevent common mistakes in your own writing which will help speed along the editing process.

I will leave you with a sample of a poem and say thank you for letting me join this community.


Lachrymal Life

A random bullet,
and the child is gone; innocent in her bed,
now to sleep too long.
Why does the evil live,
when the pure are taken?
Man no longer loves,
and the children are forsaken.
If no one is willing
to stop the strife,
what is left
is only lachrymal life.

(c)2011 John Woolard

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