You Can Get "Whatever" You Want to Have... How?? Using "Law Of Attraction"

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You Can get what you want……  but How?

You can make your Dreams come true. You can get all those things that you want to have. You can have enough wealth to live a happy and prosper life. You can have good relationships. If you want to be an Engineer , a doctor or a scientist , you can be. Simply stated there is nothing impossible. The question arises here that how can we convert impossible to possible. The answer is very simple and lies in Three words

“Thoughts Become Things”

It has been scientifically proved that we emit vibes. Whatever is coming to us or happening to us is all being called by us. Let’s be simple. Consider yourself as “Magnets”. You will always be attracted by a magnet. Your thoughts and the waves you emit work as magnet. They bring to you the same thing you are thinking about. This Is called as “ Law Of Attraction.” We all know that our universe is full of waves ( radio, electromagnetic and many more). In our difference devices such as cell phones, radios, televisions, internet, we set the required frequency and catch the wave of that frequency which produce the results we want to get.

Same is applied here our world is full of different frequency waves. When we think, we emit certain frequency. . Whatever we think on regular basis, we emit frequency for that. That frequency catches the same frequency and produce same circumstances for us.

Importance of this law:

This law is always applied to us. Either we understand it or not it is always there in our life. Most of the people who became successful were well aware of this law.

How to use this law:

All the peoples who are earning wealth consciously or unconsciously use this law. They always think about money and wealth and never let any other thought to stay in their minds. So they become rich. What happens when they lose wealth? This law again gives the answer that after getting rich, they start thinking that they might not lose it and consequently they lose it.

There are following few steps to apply this law to get anything you want

Step.1: You must have a clear dream to get. Write that down.

Step.2: Always emit positive waves about your dream. Think about positive aspects. Decorate your room with the photos of yours as you want yourself to be after a specific period of time.

Step.3: Guard your thoughts. Never let any negative thought to be in your mind.

I don’t believe in This Law:

It doesn’t matter at all that you believe in this law are not. This Law is going to be applicable in your life. If you think that you don’t believe this theory, you don’t need to worry about your thoughts then it is just as closing your eyes like a pigeon to avoid the danger.

This law is very well explained by “Rhonda Byrne” in

You Can Get "Whatever" You Want to Have... How?? Using "Law Of Attraction"his life changing book “The Secret” .This book has changed the life of thousands of people. Rhonda Byrne discovered this law from a 100 year old book “Wallace Wattles, The Science Of Getting Rich”. This law Changed her life. She decided to bring it to public. She, along with her team produced a movie and the book. “The  secret” has been translated in many languages. More Than 20 million copies of this book have been solved. You can get Urdu Version from here.


Scientific evidence about thoughts & intentions can alter the physical world around us can leave you stunned. Check It Here.


This is just a brief overview of "Law Of attraction". Read Rhonda's books to learn its proper use. This law Can Change One's life in Days. Its really a magic. The writer has explained it in very detail. This was the law that was used very intelligently by the great people like Aristotle,Einstein and many others.




  • We can get anything we want.
  • We can have wealth.
  • We can become, what we Dream.
  • We can have exceptional relationships.
  • We can have dream job.
  • We can Change Life of Others.
  • We can make every one surprised by making impossible, possible.
  • And most important one, We can Live Life by all means.
  • How ???
  • Using "Law of Attraction”
  • Read “The Secret”

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