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Coulomb's Law


Charles Augustin Coulomb measured electrical attraction and repulsion quantitatively and deduced the law that governs them. Statement:-Electrostatic……

by Sahar_Fatima

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There was a time when every body was busy in their life and when they used to be free they usually prefer doing rest or go to asleep.……

by Tkhan

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Nail Polishes

malika shah

  Nail polish is not just a color to put on the nails; it has a kind beauty that gives a pretty attraction on nails. Inclusively,……

by malikashah

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City life

faridoon barekzai

There is a traffic jam. A big crowd is collected. It is 4 P.M at this time offices are closed. Another tiresome day for clerks has……

by faridoonbarekzai

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