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Bitter Sweet (short film)
The Snows of Kilimanjaro
“Getaway,” “Closed Circuit”…
London Fashion Shoot- Victoria- Emily…

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Ori Gigi

"Lions" Red sun go down way over dirty town Starling are sweeping around crazy shoals A girl is there high heeling across the square……

by ori-gigi

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Abid Khan

   Sunflower's flower is yellow.  This demonstrates is that the Sun is in that direction, where is this flower stays. Sunflower……

by abid-khan

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Dramaducation aims to fimilarize the masses with the physics of theatre. Goal: The goal is to educate the aspiring actors, directors……

by BilalAwan

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One rainy day


Monsoon is the wind that changes direction with the direction of seasons. The monsoon prevails mainly in the Indian Ocean. The summer……

by abraizsarwar

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【FILM ANNEX独立动画】浪漫安魂曲(Requiem for Romance)

Film Annex China


by FilmAnnex_China

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Kanye and Kim

Empowerment Of Women (Blogger: Happy Snail)

KANYE AND KIM’S NORTH WEST CAN CHANGE HER DIRECTION   Celebrities are always under keen scrutiny and under watchful eye……

by KateSuperstar

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