Bebarlang and Belgrade Vampires

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Bebarlang Vampire

 In the Philippines there is a tribe whose members practice a form of psychic vampirism known as the Bebarlang. The members of this tribe send out their astral bodies and then feed on the life of others. These being didn't drain the blood from their victims, but the life force or psychic energy and leave the victim emotionally and physically weak. The bebarlangs were actually a type of  tribal spirit that was sent out to draw the energy from their victims.

 The Belgrade Vampires

 In a village in Belgrade in 1732, five Austrian officers signed a sworn statement about a series of murders apparently by ghosts who killed sleeping victims, leaving small marks on their necks. These spirits had been apparently infected by vampires during their lifetime and their bodies were exhumed according to the offices. The spirits had spurted fresh blood and their nails and skin had freshly grown. The city of Belgrade was terrorized by a vampire who was responsible for several deaths. In 1923, residents of the city claimed that a house was haunted by a vampire. Damage was done to the house, but the haunting had been diagnosed as more of a poltergeist haunting than a vampire haunting.


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