10 Qualities Of A Successful Virtual Assistant

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Before I start, here is a video on Qualities To Look For In a VA 

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There are countless work opportunities for online freelancers. You can be an appointment setter, article writer, cold caller, customer service support, data entry specialist, English as a Second Language Tutor, graphic designer, social media manager, and virtual assistant to name a few. Among these online jobs, being a virtual assistant is one of the most sought-after today. The roles and responsibilities of a virtual assistant are broad. They can do blog or article writing, customer service support, data entry,  search engine optimization, social media management and marketing, transcription, etc. 

10 Qualities of A Successful Virtual Assistant

Before you become a successful virtual assistant or hire one for your company, you need to look for the best candidate. He or she should have excellent qualities. 

  • Excellent communication skills

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The best virtual assistant should have excellent communication skills, both in speaking and writing. You should practice your English speaking and writing skills by blogging, engaging in English conversations, reading a good book or newspaper every day, and the likes. Also, you can download free and paid applications about grammar, sentence structure, how to communicate effectively, how to write an email, etc. 

  • Always willing to learn

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Most probably, you may already have the skills as a virtual assistant. You communicate well, you know how to get things done correctly, you always impress your boss with your knowledge and innate talent, etc. But the best virtual assistant should always willing to learn new things every day and should know how to conform to a new system or way of working. 

  •  Great listener

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Another quality that you should have or look for a virtual assistant is, great listener. A virtual assistant who knows how to listen to your instructions without any trouble will have lesser lapses in work and other things. 

  • Hardworking

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Being hardworking is one of the keys to becoming successful in life. However, you should work hard for the right purpose and direction. Moreover, being hardworking will help you develop self-discipline, it teaches you to be patient and to persevere more, and the likes. 

  • Honest

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Honesty is the best policy as they say. Even if you are working at home, and your boss can't see you or you do not use a time-tracker to work every day, you should instill honesty at all times. Be honest to your boss about how much time you have worked today, what did you accomplish, etc. Also, if you are having problems with your task and you need more time to do it, you should tell your boss right away. 

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  • Great multi-tasker

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Many clients or companies require virtual assistants who can do a variety of things like data entry, email management, making phone calls, transcription, search engine optimization, social media management, etc. That is why you need to always update your skills so you can be an excellent multi-tasker. You can enroll in different free and paid online freelancing programs or you can educate yourself by reading blogs and watching Youtube channels that are related to the online freelancing industry

  • Knows how to manage time

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If you want to work as a virtual assistant, you should know how to manage your time well. Since it requires a lot of tasks most of the time, you should know how to get things done accurately and at a faster pace. You need to have an application or tool like Calendly or Trello wherein you can schedule everything you need to do without missing a deadline. 

  • Can work under pressure

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Virtual Assistance can be a challenging job at times since it entails a lot of tasks to be accomplished. For you to succeed in this career path you have chosen, you need to prepare yourself to work under pressure. And sometimes your client can be too straightforward and strict and will criticize your work, but do not let it get into you. Instead of being sad about it, use it as a motivation to improve and work harder. 

  • Responsible

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Clients need responsible virtual assistants as they are mostly swamped with other important things like business, meetings, etc. If you possess this kind of quality, you should work as a virtual assistant and try to learn all the skills needed to be ahead of the game at all times. Also, delivering consistent quality work is necessary if you want to get hired for a long time. Once your contract with him or her is over, he or she can recommend you to other people if he or she has been happy and content with your work output. 

  • Reliable

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A virtual assistant should be dependable always. It is crucial that your client can lean on you, especially during the days when he or she can't meet you on Skype, Whatsapp and other communication tools that you have because of a busy schedule. You should do your best to always deliver high-quality output on a scheduled deadline. Use the best online freelancing tools to help you work efficiently and effectively. 

Here is another video on 10 Qualities That Make a Great Virtual Assistant

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Final Thoughts

Online freelancing job like Virtual Assistance allows you to work at home and earn decent money. However, before you pursue your career in this field, you need to have the best skills and qualities of a virtual assistant to get to the top. 

Once again, thank you for reading, guys! Blessings!

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