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Past week Citadel Team was busy with filmmaking. In this week we are trying to make good videos and broadcast our initiatives in Afghanistan through good content by filmmaking and blogging. The film production teams were renewed and they took different shoots from our projects in Afghanistan.

The New Year (Nowruz) starts in few days and the schools are opening, students are going to their schools to start new educational year of 1392. With Starting the New Year, we started to implement online examination system for schools. 13 March 2013 was the first time that officially we had the Examer test from schools.  For the first time the school teachers took their exams via Online Examination System. The students were too excited taking exams via Examer system, one of Hatifi High school students said “I am really happy to participate this exam, this is really a new method for us and taking exams via this system is really helpful in process of learning the fundamentals of computer”. The citadel filmmaker took videos from the whole process of examination in Hatifi high school; he also took some interviews from student that will be online soon.


 In this week we received the institute’s student’s blogs too and day by day their interest is becoming  more to the blogging, as one of the Herat Bastan teachers said “This is a very good opportunity for our students to write their ideas to the world”.

I took my interview in this week and the festival videos from women  international's day and my interview are under edit, they will be online soon too.

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