Afghan student and blogger Maryam Akbary on Education and Social Media In Afghanistan

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Maryam Akbary is one of the Alisher Nawaie High School students. She was born in Herat, Afghanistan. She writes blogs on Film Annex and uses social media to share them with other people.

Here is a interview with her about the use of social media and her personal interests.

Women's Annex: Do you have any social media networking profiles? How do you use them?

Maryam Akbary: Yes I do. I have a Film Annex account, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Those social media networks are great to share ideas with the world, and we can earn money with Film Annex and be financial independent.


WA: Who have you connected with on Women's Annex and Film Annex, and what have you learned?

MA: I connected with my teacher and some students that are really friendly and create an inspirational atmosphere.


WA: How would you qualify your writing experience on the Film Annex platform?

MA: When I started writing on Film Annex, I became more open-minded, and now I can share my ideas with the world.


WA: What are the most interesting topics you are following online?

MA: I am always searching for the real stories, and topics about development of Afghanistan and education.


WA:  How much did you benefit from the Women's Annex project which builds Internet classrooms in high school?

MA: At first, in my school, we did't have Internet access. Now we do. Students can use computers and learn more about computer systems.


WA: What courses do you enjoy the most? Why?

MA: I enjoy the computer courses because I like working with them.

WA: What courses are the most challenging or difficult for you? Why?

MA: English class is difficult for me.

WA: Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

MA: Yes I do, my favorite hobby is social media, because I want to be connected to the world.

WA: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

MA: If I work like this, in five years I will become a very good engineer.

WA: How do you spend your spare time?

MA: I spend my spare time working with computers and on the Internet.

WA: Who is your role model and why?

MA: My role model is my father. He is a very good man.

WA: If you could go to any place in the world, where would it be and why?

MA: I would go to Dubai because that is a very nice and clean city.

WA: What do you write about?

MA: I write about stories, Islamic, and social topics.


WA: If you had to describe yourself in three word, what would they be?

MA: I am kind, honest and social.

WA: Do you play any games? Which game do you like the most?

MA: Yes I play football.


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