Afghan Superheroes are coming together soon with the power of digital literacy and social media

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Afghan superheroes!

Yes, it would be very interesting and also the first time you would hear about it. Finding the real heroes of the country who have experienced the difficulties of war and violence will be very interesting and at the same time sad. It will be a starting point to find the superheroes of Afghanistan and introduce them to the world.

I remember when I was a child, my superhero was Zorro! He was my favorite cartoon character. I always wanted to be someone like him. He was a human but strong, fast and was defending the poor people.

In the dark three decades of war in Afghanistan, there have been many heroes who died unknown or are still living unknown, but it’s time to find them and introduce them to the world. The Women’s Annex foundation and Film Annex provide Afghan students with the opportunity to create heroes by writing their stories and memories. They are introducing Afghan heroes as cartoon characters with the use of digital literacy and social media.

This project will help them become more creative, think more and have new experiences. Since Afghan schools do not provide such entertainment and educative programs for students, it will be a great chance for all the students to show their talents and gain more knowledge.

When I went to the schools in Herat, I saw how students are interested in this project. Most of them are familiar with American superheroes and like them. The project will provide them with an environment to write their thoughts, dreams and share them with the world.


Here are some nice pictures of drawings by Afghan students:


We are waiting to see Afghan superheroes soon.

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