An Afghan Female Teacher's Perspective about Afghanistan Education System

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Arefa Ghafoori is one of the Hatifi High School teachers. She has been teaching elementary classes and working in health section of Hatifi School.

Here is a brief interview with her about schools and education in Afghanistan.


What made you want to become a teacher?

This is one of the best jobs in the world and I have been interested in this job since I was a child. I really love this job and through my job I would like to help my people.

What do you like most when it comes to working with students?

I really love to help them and make a friendly environment for them in class.

What's your favorite subject to teach?

I has been love science subject since I was a child, as well as medical and medications

What do you think about the education system in Afghanistan? How can it be improved?

Current education system in Afghanistan is in medium level compare to other countries and we ask from developed countries to help us to develop Afghanistan education and we also ask from department of Education that hire expert, young and new teachers for schools; fortunately now we have good, expert teacher in our schools and looking to have computer classes and internet in order to have more practical classes.

What can YOU do as a teacher to improve classes in Afghan schools?

Teachers must present in class with full ready thinking and have well study system also try to bring new tricks for better teaching of students

What do you think about the Internet classrooms Film Annex has been building in Afghan schools?

First of all I would like to thank from this organization that brought this opportunities for students to learn computer and this is very good for those students that have financial problem and this is a big chance for them to learn computer in school.

Where do you see the future of female students in Afghanistan?

I am sure that female students will be a big support for our country if we would have a peaceful country; I am really looking for support of other countries for peace in our country

Are there any international exchange programs that students can benefit from at the school you teach? If yes, can you talk about these programs?

Not yet but we wish to have this program as well that students have this chance in future.


Please see the Dari version of this interview too.

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