ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: What is Artificial Curiosity?

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Are you curious enough?

Curiosity is the beginning of every knowledge, of everything big or small. How often do we contemplate on the hows, whys, and what-ifs of a given situation?


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Albert Einstein once said,

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious

He believed there was nothing more important that this attribute, and he was right. 


Have you ever wonder how something came to be and how you can make a change to a current situation? Was there a point in your life when you decided to try a totally new experience without the assurance of what awaits you at the end?

That's Curiosity and that's innate to every human being.

Curiosity prepares the brain for learning, and skill acquisition. A curious mind can relate and connect ideas better. Open-mindedness and the willingness to try new things can surprise you in the best way possible.

The problem with most of the people is when we stop being curious as we settle on a rather mediocre situation and started building routines. We stop learning and closed our minds into accepting new ideas.

Can these human qualities be both applied in machine learning? Let's find out...


Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic nowadays and more people are eager to learn this program for different purposes they may have in mind. 

We have learned from our previous blog posts that the goal of AI to create systems that can function intelligently and independently, having the human brain as the pattern. This can be done through machine learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are both extremely interesting subjects of study and it's truly fascinating to know that there are algorithms that can specialize and outperform humans in solving several tasks.  However, considering the number of problems being given solutions by artificial intelligence, these are still way behind the scenarios presented in Terminator movies. At current times, we have yet to experience or to have information about an artificial intelligence created with complexity to get conscious and with the ability to start doing things on its own.

Is it possible to create an application or program so advanced that it can start doing things on its own without explicitly programming it? 

At this context, the alternative solution is to create a system passionately curious on novel things. in artificial intelligence, they call it artificial curiosity.


This c-blog will help you understand more about artificial curiosity and in what particular way it could help in solving human problems. you may click HERE for a full-screen view.


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