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I used to listen to my eldest brother's lamentations over their current economic status. My brother is 37 years of age, married  a year ago. Her wife is unable to conceive a baby.

He is seemingly bitter when asked, "Is your wife pregnant?" I think you need training. Or you don't know how to do it, do you?" His reply would be a simple "maybe next month or later."

The good thing is he doesn't reply with bad words or show signs of annoyance. But later when the couple is in their room, bitter discussions follow. They always feel bad about their situation, and they just hope others won't ask question again so that they would not remember their hopeless condition.

So I think it is not a good idea to ask a couple why they are not having a baby because it hurts them so much. This sensitive question should never be asked.


Written By: Blessed Charm

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