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10-Faculty of commerce :

In 1911 , a school for commerce was established in Cairo University and it was called "the commerce high school" .

In 1935 , all commerce high schools all over Egypt was combined to be the faculty of commerce in Cairo University .

Until 1990 , all studies in the faculty of commerce were in Arabic but , in that year , an English section was established and also in 1995 , an actuarial studies section was established .

And now the faculty has four sections and they are : 

1-Arabic section .

2-English section .

3-Actuarial Section .

4-Georgia joint program section .

In the fourth year of the faculty which is the bachelor year , you have to choose among three majors which are :

1-Accounting major .

2-Business Administration  major .

3-Insurance major .

11-Faculty of Economics and Political Science :

The faculty of economics and political science was established in 1960 and it was basically established in Cairo University .

The faculty has five different departments and all of them are good to everyone in his/her life and in his/her working career

these departments are :

1-Economics department .

2-Statistics department .

3-Political science department .

4-Public Administration department .

5-Social-Science Computing department .


12-Faculty of Archaeology :

In the beginning it was a department in the faculty of arts then , the Faculty of Archaeology was established because Egypt has too many monuments so , in 1970 , the Antiquities Authority requested from the higher council of universities to establish a faculty specialized in the monumental studies and they approved and established the faculty in the same year .

The faculty has 3 departments and they are :

1-The Egyptian monuments department .

2-The Islamic monuments department .

3-The Restoration of monuments department .

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written by : Mohamed Mostafa .

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20 years old guy was born in 1993 from Cairo and studying at faculty of commerce English section Cairo university and interested in the online jobs widely .

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