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Kudos guys hope you are all well! Here I come with another blog on depression which is very common among today’s generation as the time lapse becoming shortest by every passing moment. And people are doing every work in a hurry. And these hurries don’t let their mind relax which create anxiety and depression. I am here to write my personal feelings about DEPRESSION, its symptoms and relaxation techniques.

What is Depression?

Well generally everyone knows what depression is but as medical science most of the people don’t know about depression
that is why I am here to write a detail note on depression.

Depression is a state of being sad, hopeless, discouraged, pessimist, moody and unable to behave like normal person.

So depression is a disease in medical science and treatment of normal depression can be done without medicine.

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Types and Symptoms of Depression:

Well depression is of many types and treated accordingly. Symptoms of depression changes from category to category. Let’s discuss some of them.

Major depression:

Well by the word itself you can understand what major depression is.

When a man remains hopeless and sad all the day than he may in a stage of major depression if the scale of depression is consistent. And this major depression also known as clinical depression in medical science. Following are some critic symptoms of clinical depression.


Victim’s interest in daily matters become weak in fact later on interest completely vanishes.
Courage for taking decision also diminish.
He may commit suicide or try for it.
He became restless and unconscious in some cases.
Feeling of guilty all the time.
Can’t take proper diet or food for physical control.

A study shows that symptoms and prey of major Depression could be more in women due to their pregnancy, mensuration and miscarriage may create twice chance of major depression in women.


Psychotic Depression:

This is also a type of major depression but due to psychic disorder.

A depression situation that acts due to psychic behavioral changes is called psychic depression. Following are main symptoms of psychic depression.


Severe depressed mood.
Some psychotic acts like hallucination and misconception.
Weakening the social links.
Effects thinking, obstruction and psychic disturbance.


Bipolar Depression Disorder:

Bipolar depression disorder the victims’ become two faced person one is normal and one is depressed mood and the era for this depression disorder could be of two day or a week or of months it depends.

Bipolar disorder, formerly manic depression, is a mental disorder with periods of depression and periods of elevated mood. The elevated mood is significant and is known as mania or hypomania, depending on its severity, or whether symptoms of psychosis are present. (Source: Wikipedia)


Symptoms for bipolar disorder depression are quite complicated as victim could be normal and depressed at same time.

Mood of the victim become unpredictable and very flexible.
Could be a maniac.
May increase his excitement level became impatience.
May increase his sexual desire.


Seasonal Depression Disorder:

Seasonal depression starts with season like summer sadness, winter happiness, It starts and ends with season and could be following symptoms to start.

Doctors have known for some time that treatment with high-intensity light (7,000–10,000 Lux) can improve seasonal depression. In an 8-week study published. Source:

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May the energy of the victim changes.
Solving a problem and focus become weak.
May the sleeping time become increases.
Hunger desire also increased.
Weight gaining.
Victim wants to be alone in the time of depression.

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Situational Depression:

This depression is a short form of depression may occur when the situation arises where human become depressed and lead to a traumatic change in the life of the victim e.g due to an unexpected incident like death of some relative or changing in the personal life of a person like loss of job or marital status changing.

Depression and Relaxation Techniques by CHUSSPA:

Almost everybody in current era of time is facing depression disorder the type of depression may vary from person to person. Depression could be in the form of stress or could be for a short time depressive disorder. But almost every third person is facing depression issue in present time. However there are certain techniques by which depression could be controlled and you can feel relaxed by using the techniques.


Techniques Used by me!!!

Techniques for getting relaxed may be different for different persons. For me, I mostly choose 2 things for relaxing myself and these technique are quite common for everyone.

Very first technique which I use is “listening to music” whenever I feel anger, stress and anxiety I just put my ear pods on and listen to my favorite music album sit back and relax. I just ignore the rest of the worries of world and only think about the happy moments in life by just listening to music for an hour I am back to world more active relaxed with better thinking and a clean mind set. My favorite music is folk, soft, romantic songs and I like slow music.

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Second technique which is also very beneficial for me and that is “Book Reading” whenever I feel depression I take a book from library and read it. Mostly I use to read books about personalities, technology and suspensive article which creates my interest in reading books. These books provide me information and also improve my reading and thinking concept. Both are equally liked by me. Music or Books whatever I choose that one which is easy to attain at the time of depression.


Well there are more techniques which can be used for relaxation why don’t you read below written data and find for yourself better technique for depression release:

You can do exercises like going to gym or performing a yoga.

Take yourself into that environment which you like the most.

Take leave from your mind and feel relax for a short period of time.

 Some people find relaxation in playing games or by sports.

Taking deep breath and slow release will also help in releasing your stress.

Warm up yourself and get rid from the stress and kick out depression from your life.

 So whenever you feel stress just throw it out of your mind and give some time to yourself enjoy the things what you like in life you will be done with stress and there will be a new world outside. Do you know a fact about Americans Depression rate:

Almost 14.6 million Americans experience an episode of major depression in any given year. Source: ADAA

Therapy for Depression Source: Youtube

Bye guys Hope you enjoyed my work Take care till our next meeting on upcoming blog. Thank you

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