Ex-Taliban fighters could help Afghanistan's future

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There are many who are optomistic to the views that could help Afghanistan develope into a more modern society. There could be many obstacles that stand in the way for future investors once inside of Afghanistan.  I myself see it as a golden opportunity to take advantage of now before everyone jumps in.  My plan would not be to westernize Afghanistan, due to their strong culture and belief's this would only create more tension between the U.S. My plan is to help along with Filmannex and Roya Mahboob to give Afghanistan what it needs instead of what everyone seems to think it needs. 

One of the most inspiring webtv's I've seen was this WebTV showing the new life of an ex-taliban fighter. In my own opinion being able to work with men like Noor Mohammed Jami would be a great asset to help with the developement in the education system of Afghanistan. Of course many would only see "taliban" when it comes to Noor Mohammed but with my experience with Afghans there is so much more.  Noor Mohammed Jami will live out the rest of his days always knowing the taliban could return to seek their revenge on him and also his family for walking away from them.  Noor Mohammed said every Afghan should help with the developement of Afghanistan to make it better for all Afghans and more taliban should give up their weapons.  This shows me he cares more for his children and Afghanistan than his old beliefs, and life for that matter.

A fellow Marine brother of mine Jeffrey Moore has shown the initiative to help with teaching the children of Afghanistan through the internet and skype once we start to help Afghanistan establish its internet points. With everything we have planned working together an extremely positive future awaits.  As I'm writing this I think back to some of the children I came in contact with while in Marjah Afghanistan. They were always happy and proud to be in school, at such young ages they already knew it was such a great priveledge to be able to attend.  I also think if men like Noor Mohammed had the chance to attend schools and educate himself would he have joined the Taliban? It is my strong belief that this generation of Afghan children along side with the US coalition forces destroying the taliban education with keep them out.

In short there are many Americans who turned negatives into positives for themselves and beat every odd agaisnt them. I myself am one of them and that could be why I strongly believe in the Afghan developement project and I'm honestly looking beyond the hard work and dedication its going to take. I see the success of it happening already. The more educated Afghanistan becomes the less tolerance the people of Afghanistan will have for the Taliban ways. With this more and more taliban fighters with line up to join the peace process. It is already slowly starting with examples set by men like Noor Mohammed Jami.


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