From ravages of war to social responsibility

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GMRF’s mission to help children in some of the world’s most desperate areas where access to medical services is severely limited or crippled, hits a little close to home for me.

I found GMRF while interning with the Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC). Part of my daily routine at EPIC was searching for news and stories on Iraq. I stumbled across a video about a little girl named Dalal from Basra, Iraq, and how GMRF helped her. After I finished watching the video, I knew I needed to write a blog post for EPIC’s website about GMRF’s efforts to aid children harmed by the Iraq War. Dalal’s story hit close to home for me as I was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq in 2004-05 and 2006-07, and saw some of the heaviest combat in the Anbar region. I witnessed firsthand the destruction a single act of violence can have on a society, community, and individual. During my first deployment in Ramadi, I saw the devastation of two car bombs and shattered lives they left behind.

In 2008, I got out of the Army and began my academic career. Originally, I wanted to be a high school history teacher, but I soon found I wanted to do more than be a teacher here in Virginia. When I graduated this past May with a major in History and a minor in Political Science, I enrolled in a graduate certificate program for international non-profit management. I completed the certificate this past fall with the completion of my internship with EPIC. I am still debating the path I want to take with my graduate studies, but more than likely it will be a Masters of Public Administration.

It is with great enthusiasm that I chose to aid in GMRF’s mission to help children around the world receive the necessary medical aid, so they can begin to rebuild their lives as children. I am happy to continue the mission and help rebuild lives destroyed by conflict. Children are the key to future stability in the regions ravaged by conflict and violence


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The Global Medical Relief Fund works to help victimized children from around the world, and most urgently with those affected by war or natural disasters. We strive every day to bring assistance to these young victims even when it may be beyond the reach of their own families and communities,…

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