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Being a part of a start-up company has pros and cons, well, I believe that in every aspect of our lives, there will always be negative and positive sides of it all. In the case of working in a start-up company, having extracurricular activities may become a little inactive but, this year, Gemango had risen up to the challenge of involving their company employees in certain events including Halloween.


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This is in line with how Cebu based companies join the Halloween fun, a costume office day was held for the first time and it was more fun than scary. I will be summarizing how that day went in this blog story.

A Halloween Costume Office Day!

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In lieu of the All Saints and Souls day occurring in the next few days, Gemango announced a new activity which never had happened in the past years of business. The event state that there's a Best in Costume!

The criteria for this event was whoever wears the most unique and scariest will win. This can only be declared through votes and thus everyone at the office will drop their top three. The prizes were:

3rd Place winner receives Php 500
2nd Place winner receives Php 1000
1st Place winner receives Php 2000


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

The prizes sound very encouraging thus most of the colleagues were enticed to join most especially that this was the first of all time that Gemango's hosting such.

A week before, most were already preparing for their costumes, it should be unique and scary at the same time.

October 30, Judgement Day


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

The doors open at 11 AM, states the announcement board thus one by one, the employees start arriving at the office. Still in their normal get up but most already have their own costumes hidden out in their respective bags. There were others who decided not to join and conceded with those who had declared they will join the fun.

Makeup kits were also present already at the office for all those who want to get their face painted out.

Coincidentally, two of the employees planned to celebrate their birthdays together with this event thus allowing us to also have food after the presentation.

Introducing Gemango Employees

Twelve individuals came to the office prepared. But only three will win the said competition. Below are the participants of the first-ever Gemango Halloween Costume Office Day!

The Joker


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

Wearing a purple long sleeve shirt, he arrived at the office plain and simple. He mentioned he will only use his face for the said competition and even asked someone else to do the makeup. Jann did the honor of putting up the white water-based paint into his face, filling up the entire face and then adding up dark circles in the eyes as well as the red but also looking like purple lips.

Although it didn't really look very close to being a Joker, it was pretty good enough for the role. The photos showed the effort and he waited until dinner before taking out the paint which by the way was really itchy but he endured it the entire time.

Unfortunately, the Joker didn't win the battle of the best in costume contest but he sure did have a great time.

Broken Wrist Zombie


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

A few days before the day, someone had bragged about his idea but without spilling the beans of what he will become. Over the weekend, he was able to prepare the things he needed, an old white jacket, fitting shorts, some aesthetic hand and a little creativity with a red paint.

Since there was make up available at the office, he asked a colleague to do his make up so he could look really like a zombie but since we don't have a makeup artist among us, his make up looked somewhat funny.

He had the pale skin tone, a few dark nerves popping out of his wrinkled forehead and red lipstick to act as fake blood. The best thing came when he changed clothes and into acting like a zombie.

I suppose the broken wrist was what made his presentation interesting but the photos also show that he was also able to present himself well.

The Nun-cy


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

Ever had that very supportive friend? The Nun, Valak was able to put up a show at the office because of how supportive his good friend was. He prepared the nun costume with some black and white cloth then at the office, another colleague friend did his white face looked pretty much like a matured and stressed panda at first.

Valak was able to scare a few other neighboring employees too while he stood still outside the Male comfort room! He also stood outside the elevator and shook a lot of other people inside the building!

At the end of the day, the majority of the votes were given to Valak and he won the first prize for the said contest.

Scary Preggy


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

If there was a good supportive friend, there's also a more supportive husband who would do everything for the wife. She's really pregnant but her costume scared most of us because it involved a doll with broken limbs and arms and was about to get out of the belly!

Broken with red blood on its face and body parts, we don't want to look at the doll because we felt like it was really her baby! She's pregnant and will soon be delivering her baby girl on December!

But all the husband's effort was paid off because the scary preggy won the second prize!

The Butcher


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

For our third place, the butcher stood out among the others with her acting skills and very efficient accessories. The mask, the apron, and its fake wound stitches were all on a roll when she was presenting herself during the proper performance.

Her great portrayal I believe won the hearts of the colleagues who were truly entertained the entire time that she was on the floor. She ended up also winning which made all of these things worth it.

MCC Witches


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

While the rest of the team were very busy with their own costumes, the girls from our team had nothing but simple black shirts on and wore some witch hats.

They were then called as the MCC witches! MCC is our client and they were there to represent our team together with Valak, the nun, and the zombie.

The Nurse from Hell, the Mummy, and the Bitch Wife


Image credits: Gemango via Facebook

Our company isn't a hospital but we have a lot of nurses and they participated well during the first Halloween Costume Office Day with one wearing a nurse dress, one was also the mummy with a golden face and the wife which was wearing black and bitchy.

The entire night was full of laughter although what we all have been scary faces and costumes. But the food was also there, we partake in a sumptuous dinner with cakes and noodles, fried chicken, sweet and sour pork and a lot more.

Thanks a lot for reading!


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