Halloween Night

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It’s scary Night, the moon is full and shining, it fills me with delight. It’s clear that I find scary Night interesting and fascinating. If it wasn’t for scary Nights I wouldn't be able to write about the things I love such as horror and mysteries. Celebrating scary Nights has been a tradition of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s not so much the scarring and spooks that makes it so amazing, but what makes it amazing is the kids trick-or-treating and the fact that people actually take the time to give. scary makes me the person I am today, I may seem like a normal person, but once you get to know me you’ll see a whole new person. Again, it is not so much the scarring or spooks, but it's entirely trick-or-treating and the autumn air.


Piled upon the dew covered grass the crusty brown leaves whirled around in a circle like a small tornado sweeping the beautiful park, the mystifying colors of the sun shone onto the pile of leaves glistening brightly as the smell of the ocean breeze bitterly blew over my shoulders and neck, which gave me that tingling sensation everyone gets at the beginning of autumn. The wind howls and woo’s like a owl almost as if it is whispering to me. I start to believe it is talking to me in a chant, in a language although I cannot see it. The sky is grey but bright in color, it feels as if it will rain any moment but it doesn't.


Walking on the rough pavement along the street, the leaves in the trees above me were rustling with the gentle wind, and I just thought that on a perfect night like this I could not possibly be scared of any teenage tricks that would occur. The autumn air was perfect and the branches of the trees arched over the road creating a tunnel of shadows and darkness around me. The ghouls are grinning, vampires are drinking, while little ones scurry for treats to eat. As I get deeper into the neighborhood hearing screams from the tricks and laughter from the treats makes the night so much better. It’s like candy to my ears. Leaving the neighborhood the moonlight steamed, gleamed, and screamed. The night was just like a dream.


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