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Yesterday, after dropping by here in the morning, I spent the rest of the day finishing this korean drama I'd been watching for a while. In fact, I still can't get over the euphoria. I just loved everything about the drama!

I've already said multiple times before that I get tired of watching korean dramas lately due to the same, overused medical-themed plots. But by word of mouth from friends, I got curious and gave it a try.

It was worth it. Totally.

The story is about an easy-going, mystery writer/radio DJ, Jang Jae Yeol, thas has been suffering from OCD (Obssessive Compulsive Disorder) until he gets to live with a psychiatrist, Ji Hae Soo who on the other hand suffers from an anxiety disorder when involved in any physical/sexual interaction with the opposite sex. Things roll and eventually fate would have them heal each other. And it seems like it just isn't OCD for Jang Jae Yeol. Oops.

Aside from the amazing actors, what got me hook in it was how realistic the script was written. It's rare to see romantic dramas without having to encounter cheesy/sappy lines, isn't it? which makes it easy to relate with the feelings the characters are radiating. 

I also liked how they build up a light-hearted atmosphere despite the serious topic dealing with mental issues. They (or the writer herself) took note of how a heavy topic could bore an audience. So I guess that's how they decided to make it a romantic comedy drama.

Wuhoo! Another potential runner up for SBS Awards this New Year! I can't wait!


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